our story

We’re not sure when Ella developed severe nut and dairy allergies, but she had an anaphylactic reaction at the age of two. We used an EpiPen for the first time and thankfully it saved her. It was the moment everything changed for us.

Since then, Ella has been poked and prodded as we try and work out the best plan for her going forward. There have been a lot of allergy stories in the news recently. Many of which make difficult reading. But we’re hopeful that the more people hear about these things, the more everyone will understand what living with a serious allergy means.

At times we feel helpless. There’s a sense of inevitability that no matter what we do, Ella is likely to have another serious reaction at some point. We know we just have to do whatever we can to keep her safe.

The Allergy Badge is just our way of feeling like we’re doing something. Even if it’s nothing more than a little bit of peace of mind for other parents like us. We wanted to make something that Ella would actually want to wear or stick on her lunchbox. Something bright, bold and colourful – that doesn’t make her feel ‘different’ in a bad way, but will keep her allergies front of mind when she goes and does kid stuff without us.

So this is for you, Ella. And the thousands of other Ellas out there trying to live their best life with an allergy.